Sunday, 10 March 2013

Far and Away

Hello again,

Sorry for the lapse in posts, the sweet man and I have been in Southeast Asia for the month of February.  It was a great holiday unfortunately I brought home this nasty asian flu bug that gives you "the exorcist" side effects on a 11 hour flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver. I felt so sorry for the lady who was sitting next to me on the plane. The Westjet staff in Vancouver wouldn't let me on the plane home, but instead called the Paramedics and they transported me to the Richmond hospital. I was fed 2 big fat bags of IV fluid and gravol.  I felt like I had the worst hangover in the world without the fun of drinking to excess the night before.  BLAH!  (A big shout out thank you to Cathay Pacific, Westjet, BC EMS, and the Richmond Hospital for taking such good care of me) Anyway, we managed to get clearance to fly home the next day and I have been recovering since then. I certainly feel better now and can't wait to get back to stamping, inking, scrpabooking, and creating wonderful projects from the last few weeks.

I did bring a few supplies on my trip. My art journal, aqua crayons, and a water brush. Limited options; I kept wishing I had a stamp and some ink pads, but oh well, I didn't want to carry around a mini art room in my backpack Hahahaha. I drew some Frangipani flowers and painted them on the page. My drawing skills aren't that great which is why I use stamps, but it was good to stretch my mind a little and try something different. I will add a little more colour to it now that I'm home.

here's a few pictures of the fabulous views we enjoyed over the last month as well...
Lombok Indonesia at the swank Novotel

Ko Siboya bungalows Krabi province, Thailand
not a bad view for enjoying my morning coffee
Phuket, Thailand

I think this car needs a little work

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