Thursday, 26 September 2013

Help, I've buried myself in a project and I can't get up.

Hi again,
Yes I know I have fallen off the face of the earth for a while, trust me when I say it's not from me slackin' off.  I have bolted full steam ahead into a halloween project that has taken many, many hours to  half complete (hahaha). 

When I first saw the event posted on "artfully musing blog" by Laura Carson, I got a tingly, goosebumpy feeling and I knew I had to make her Haunted Carnival.  I bought the .png files and set to work. 

Check out the link here, trust me, it's the coolest thing ever. Laura Carson, you are my new internet crush.

I will start sharing some of the projects with you. 

Here is the ticket booth and entrance sign for the carnival. 98% of the images I am using here are from the downloads I bought from Laura Carson on the Alpha Stamps website. I went crazy at Michael's craft store as well and bought a lot of chain, skeletons and beads etc. Dollar Tree was a great resource too.

Every carvinal needs a direction sign, and buy yourself a balloon while your there.

Perhaps a Pumpkin Pet? These guys make me smile.

Feeling a bit peckish? Coffin Candy, chocolate covered spiders, heebie jeebies? Artfully Musing even has a tutorial on making the umbrellas, complete with pattern!!

Thanks so much to Laura Carson for being so generous with your ideas and instructions. I am having so much fun with your images and project. Everyone, Please check out the link I included at the top. 
I will be back with more rides and attractions soon.

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