Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Carnival Rides

Here we are again,
As promised, pictures of the project that started it all. I must say that compared to the ferris wheel, the carousel was a breeze. And the spinning cauldrons ride was just plain fun to do. I hope you enjoy the pics.  Thanks again to Laura Carson for her inspiration and digital files I purchased. I had so much fun.

The carousel turns on a lazy susan bearing I bought at Home Depot.

The new spiderweb die from Tim Holtz is awesome as an overlay.

The Ferris Wheel...
This project took me about a week to complete. I had to walk away from it a couple of times.
I couldn't find lampshade hoops anywhere, embroidery hoops weren't the right size and I was resigned to the fact that I wouldn't make the ferris wheel. Then the lightbulb moment hit me in the dollar store.
Splatter screens (you know, when you're frying bacon and don't want the grease splatters everywhere)
They even had knobs and a washer with them. SWEET!
Yes it turns!
Side view
Spiderweb and spider stamps from "Stampendous" 

Spinning Cauldrons...

Love how this one turned out. I wanted the base to kind of look like burning embers. I had a piece of perfect paper in my stash. I did an overlay using the Graveyard on the edge die from Tim Holtz.

Another lazy susan mechanism so it turns. Check out the skeleton riders. One is just chillin' the other has his arms up for his need for speed.
Final shot from above. 
Well that's it. I have a few more items I haven't made yet, but I think I will let this flu bug run its course and give myself a creative break for a couple of days. Thanks for stopping by. Chat soon.


  1. LOVE the splatter screen idea! Your spinning caldrons ride really makes me smile :) Very creative!!

  2. I love your carnival!!! Great idea using the spatter covers! I couldn't think what to do so didn't make one. Maybe I will next year. Your carnival is so fun!
    hugs Karen