Friday, 14 February 2014

The Rogue Stamper in Vietnam

Hi again 
I have been away from my art studio for 2 weeks now. I'm starting to get a little twitchy. I've never realized how much creating and immersing myself in a project keeps me focused and relaxed. I guess I am more high strung that I thought.

We have been exploring Vietnam. We started up in the north (Hanoi). There are wonderful friendly people here. Our hotel was absolutely beautiful  The Hanoi Elegance Diamond. It truly is a gem.

Check out the crazy wiring system they have!
We drove up to HaLong Bay for the exquisite Indochina Junk cruise. We feasted on 6 course meals for the 3 day/2night cruise.  The weather was very cold unfortunately, but beautiful all the same.

But the thing that I will be talking about forever was dinner in a cave! Amazing, warm, beautiful.

(Sorry, not the clearest picture but you can see our group and the staff surrounded by the amazing limestone)

Back in Hanoi we walked the streets lined with shops. I noticed a man hand carving stamps out of wood! The intricate detail was astounding. Of course I had to buy one.

The dark images are not pictures or labels, they are the actual wood carving of the stamp.
Here we are testing out the dragon stamp I purchased. I will be playing with this one when I get home.

Well, it's off to Malaysia and Thailand after we see Ho Chi Minh City, so I will probably start blogging again when we get home. Thanks for stopping by. Until then, be safe, be happy.