Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Silent Night

Hello again,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season.  I always get the Christmas let down a few days after the big day.  I have so much fun decorating and preparing for it, when it's over, I don't know what to do with myself.
I made this church quite a while ago, but I kept forgetting to take pictures of it.  It's another kit called Silent Night.  You can check it out here.
It glows so beautifully beside the Christmas trees.
I used some great patterned  paper to mimic an old rustic country church. The panels are printed from a background file I downloaded in Silhouette Studio. The rest of the church was constructed with some very neutral coloured paper from "Jilly Bean Soup"
I added a couple of lanterns beside the door. These lanterns  are actually from the Pumpkin Carriage files in the "Enchanted Autumn" SVG kit.
Some wreaths on the windows and paper icicles finish off the decorating enhanced with a little fake snow made with texture paste.
Thanks for popping in. I hope you find peace and happiness in 2015. 


  1. Love it!!!!!! Just beautiful.

  2. Me again. What did you use to hang the little lanterns on?

    1. Hi sorry to take so long to reply, I used a toothpick (painted silver) and I can't remember what I used for the bracket, but I am sure it was a die that I had. I cut it out of chipboard and glued them together for strength