Thursday, 12 April 2018

Wildflower Saloon - Tropical style

Howdy my friends.
Check out this new kit from SVGCuts.  I love everything about this kit, and I had a blast putting it together. Of course, I had to put a bit of a tropical twist on it so that it would fit in with my home decor.
The trunk of wildflowers - I love this box card. I cut the flowers out with white cardstock, and colored everything with copic markers or distress inks.

the whiskey barrel - well now it's a rum barrel, looks awesome. For the metal bands around the barrel, I took a silver ink pad and smunched it all over the black strips. Easy peasy.
For the lantern, I wanted clear "glass". I didn't have the little candle lamp, so I had to improvise. I created a clear tube of plastic to fit in the holes, wrapped a string of 10 LED lights around it and inserted the whole bandle inside the clear plastic lamp.

here it is all lit up. Oh and I made my own paper as well, I printed white cardstock with a copper patina pattern
oh and this awesome cowboy hat...what can I say about that? I thought it reminded me of Indiana Jones' Fedora. Again, I printed my own paper texture- it looks almost like suede. pretty cool! A tropical hat band and "flamingo feathers" finish it off.
Thanks for stopping by the blog, I really enjoyed making all these projects from the kit. Bye for now.

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