Thursday, 14 April 2016


Hello again,
This project started with an idea...I've been looking at a lot of abandoned images on Pinterest lately. I love the desolate rusted man made objects taken over by nature.
Prima - more specifically - Finnabair has a new product called rust effects, and let me just say, this stuff is AWESOME. 
I had a camper van, made out of paper, hanging around in my den. So the thought process was to make it look like an abandonded vehicle in the woods. (by the way, you can check out the actual SVG kit from which I made the van here)

The effect on the roof was made by applying crackle paste and then some dry brushing of distress paint after it was dry

just look at that grungy rusty goodness - so cool...

thanks for stopping in and taking a peek. I have another project to share so keep looking

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  1. So amazing!!! Wow! I've never seen a paper project like this.. so rusty and realistic looking. :O