Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Urban Scrapbook's Monthly Challenge Kit - October

I am so excited for October...October 23 actually. So many of us love the colors of Autumn and the Halloween decorations. I wanted to capture that in my double page layout this month for Urban Scrapbook.
The kit includes the new Halloween line from Bo Bunny as well as some matching solid cardstock.
My left page features an image I found on Pinterest. It reflects the typical October feelings - pumpkins, dressing up for Halloween and just a little creepiness.
The right side is My October.  The Walking Dead is, hands down, my all time favorite TV show. Sundays are an event for me. I watch the show and the "Talking Dead" afterwards.
If you don't watch the show, you will have no idea what my page means, but OMG, Negan is going to beat someone to death with his barbed wired bat, endearingly named "Lucille". It's terrifying because we don't know WHO it's going to be...
thanks for stopping by, and, as always, you can check out the other layouts made by the awesome team over at Urban Scrapbook blog.

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  1. A number of ladies who were also viewers of the show commented and wanted to chat me up about it. Then I'd get all kinds of grief when I'd admit I didn't watch. I'd have to admit to them, "I'm too fricken' chicken" LOL. I love what you did with all the coffins. It's like a roulette wheel of grimness....if that's a word. If not, let's just make it up, LOL xo K